I ♥ Technology

It already began back in 1989 somewhere in the northern part of Germany: My first word was Licht which translates to light. I started to pelt our electrician with a lot of questions and wanted to know everything about the electric current. My pocket money was almost completely spent for stuff with a plug.

After surviving school, I started to study electrical engineering in Hanover/Germany and successfully gained my diploma degree. That took a little bit longer than it normally should: On the one hand I made really good friends at university and loved to spend time with them. On the other hand I started a little business with building websites.

After university, I stayed in Hanover and started to work for a small company that is in big IoT business. I am paid for designing and building cool and useful IoT applications with security in mind. It feels awesome to contribute to and shape the future Internet of Things :)

) Also hearting: photography, traveling, playing piano, movies